Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mac villians lipsticks ...

These three lipsticks are my most used lipsticks. I just thought i share the little beautys with you x

What are your most used Lipsticks ??


Sunday, 27 March 2011

no7 brushes

Boots are currently giving out vouchers £5 off No7 i have used two of my vouchers to buy these brushes i have a sneaky stash of them to spend on the new no7 collection !

I haven't bought brushes from No7 before but they are really good quality. I definately recommend them . The best thing about these brushes is that they only cost just over a pound each using my voucher ! xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

What is your favourite blusher- Mac well dressed

Just a nosey post ! My favourite my blusher is MAC Well Dressed . I love it if your would share your favourite blusher with me! xxx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Garnier Roll on for eyes

Lets get straight to the point . No nonsense . This product has been a major fail for me . I have been using this product for 7 weeks now ,there's not a dickybird of a change !. My bags have not been reduced and the 'anti fatigue' formula has not visually reduced the dark circles under my eyes or left me energised. .Another gripe is that i am unable to control the amount of product that flows out of the roll on so you can only use the product for a short while . Im left to massge the product in myself which i think defeats the object of using the roll on ball. I am really disappointed . I paid £11 in boots only to see exactly the same product in Bodycare for £4.98 (Fml !!!!!) I was really doomed from the start!. 

I am interested on hearing other peoples point of view on this product. Has it worked for you ? If so let me know!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Collection 2000 blush ...Only £1 !!

Ladies listen up ! These blushers/Bronzers are currently being sold at Poundlands across the country YES poundland! . I thought they might of been discontinuing these so i hot footed straight to superdrug , i couldn't believe my eyes when the same product was in front of me for £5.29 !!!! Go and grab a bargain 

soap and glory the series

This is just a sneak peak of all some of the soap and glory products im using this month . I will be will reviewing these products individually over the month of march aka The Soap & Glory Series

Stay tuned ...

Friday, 4 March 2011

Max Factor freebie when you spend over £15 at Boots

What do you think ? Not bad for a freebie ! . I find most GWP are full of rubbish shades or the stock that company's cannot shift , however Max Factor have done very well the eyeshadow is a lovely bronze colour , the nail polish is stunning and the mascara is pretty darn good !! 

I do love a GWP  , this is probably this best one i have ever received . What has been your best GWP ??

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

No7 Limited Addition spring collection - Part one

I purchased 3 items from No7 Spring Collection. Lipstick - Grace £10 , Eyeliner in Black £10 and Blue £10 . I wanted to purchase the Turquoise liner and eye shadow palette, unfortunately those items had sold out. I have split this review into two parts as i went a tad picture crazy with the eyeliner!

No7 is not a brand i normally turn to for lipsticks I'm more of a Mac girl , Ive always (naively )associated this brand with more mature consumers, this association began when i was a child , No7 was my grand mothers and mothers brand of choice and i was always allowed to use her samples (gwp) lipstick for my little 6 year old make up bag ! Fast forward 20 odd years and I'm now following tradition making my first No7 purchase.

On to the lipstick .....

Lipstick - Grace -Limited Edition £10

Product rating  4/5

Firstly I'm loving the name of this lipstick , Grace. Its such a girly feminine name which really suits this lipstick, Grace is a wearable everyday colour. I normally reach for mac angel but no7 Grace is now my new 'Go To' lippy. I find this lipstick easy to apply its creamy and the warm peachy/coral colour has a stunning glossy tone. I will defiantly be repurchasing this lipstick and i advise you all to go and buy this lipstick !

.I was very tempted to give this lipstick a 5/5 rating but i had to mark it down one point on the packaging. Don't get me wrong,  i love the 1960's vintage glam patterns my gripe is with the cardboard packaging. I tend to apply my make up in my bathroom and I'm quiet sloppy and there are always lots of water splashes and we all know what happens when water meets cardboard..mush ! 

Be sure to stay tuned to my blog for part two - The eyeliners xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mac lady gaga lipgloss

Lady Gaga LipGlass - Mac -£12

This is my favourite lipglass. I also own the Lady Gaga Lipstick . I cant believe this will soon be discontinued in a few months. With that in mind i have taken advantage of todays offer at debanhams 25% off all departments except beauty that is set at 10% off. and don't forget girls if your a member of debanhams beauty club you will recieve free postage !.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

#005 - Shoe Porn

Look at the shoes ,  No words  . Speechless .

(Picture credits - Katie Price @ )

#004 Follow me on Twitter

Come and follow me on twitter 

Twitter is where I'm usually at , I'm fed up of facebook , although when i start blogging more frequently i might set up a fan page ;-) .  I find lots of new blogs everyday and it mostly thanks to twitter , kind souls re tweeting other peoples blogs , twitter is so much fun , i get to stalk follow my fav celebs too !! . Id love it if you would follow me , keep up to date on new blog posts that are coming up and some general fun ramblings

Sunday, 23 January 2011

# 003 Sunday Musings.

 Evening Chickens 

 My week has been very up and down. Mondays i attend Slimming World , aka dreaded weigh in day , i lost 2.5lbs , not bad  i hear you say .It was bad because i celebrated my weight loss with a Indian Takeaway ! I'm just kicking myself about it . I must stop rewarding myself with food but I am a emotional eater , i rewarded my self in the only way i knew how. I know need to break my bad habits and I'm working very hard to combat these issues , roll on tomorrow for weigh in day ;-) 

 Thank you and squishy hugs to all my followers . Ive only been blogging a week and I'm honoured that there are 16 people out there that want to listen to my ramblings! As soon as i reach 50 followers I'm going to do a giveaway with lots of pretty things :-) xx 

 I really need my hair cut . I have so many grey hairs , I'm afraid i will  get mistaken for Phillip Scofield !. I used to have a hairdresser friend transform my barnet giving Cheryl Cole a run for her money ,all for the grand total of £30! Bargainous!. Unfortunately my hairdresser has developed an allergy to the hair dye and cannot apply colour anymore , devastated . I am now looking at salon prices , Que heart attack ! The cheapest quote was £100 the most expensive  £150. I know i have long hair but its a piss take! . I'm now thinking of embracing home hair dye kits . Can anyone recommend a good permanent coverage for grey? 

♥ Dancing On Ice 

 Look how pretty they all look ! 

 Sundays are all about dancing on ice in my household. I have a HUGE crush on Christopher dean to the point of obsession its quiet scary! Lol . I watch every week without fail . I'm a tad disappointed that i have to watch Kerry Katona on my television but its all made better by the fact Sam Attwater is gracing my screen minutes later ! 

♥ Vote Sam Attwater :-) 

 I leave you lovely readers to watch the dancing on ice skate off xxx 

Monday, 17 January 2011

#002 Happy Monday

 Hello Chickens ♥  
How did Monday treat you ? . My Monday started at 7am , with a sound i can only describe as originating from the depths of hell aka the buzz buzz buzz of my alarm clock , followed by unwillingly crawling out of bed for the necessary grooming . Now i was fresh as a daisy to face the world until... i realised Mr H used the last of the milk ,cue the Eastenders moment 'duft duft duft duft ' Panic sets in 'how will i ever face the day without caffeine?' , alas, all was soon well by a crawling  for forgiveness trip to Starbucks.

♥ Today ,  I'm really excited as Ive been making blog plans :-) . I have a little notepad  that I'm going to jot down ideas and inspirations for blog posts . I have been reading  blogs for a while now , you all have inspired me in different ways so i all ready have a page full of posts . 

♥ Tonight I'm off to my weigh in at Slimming World . I wont mention it too much on this blog, as i am starting a weight loss blog to contain all the woes on there ! I'm not up and running at the moment but i will be by the end end of the week and you can find it here . 

Listening too     Far East Moment - Like a g6 
Reading  Sophie kineslla - Mini Shopaholic

 I leave you with my quote of the day   

Sunday, 16 January 2011