Monday, 17 January 2011

#002 Happy Monday

 Hello Chickens ♥  
How did Monday treat you ? . My Monday started at 7am , with a sound i can only describe as originating from the depths of hell aka the buzz buzz buzz of my alarm clock , followed by unwillingly crawling out of bed for the necessary grooming . Now i was fresh as a daisy to face the world until... i realised Mr H used the last of the milk ,cue the Eastenders moment 'duft duft duft duft ' Panic sets in 'how will i ever face the day without caffeine?' , alas, all was soon well by a crawling  for forgiveness trip to Starbucks.

♥ Today ,  I'm really excited as Ive been making blog plans :-) . I have a little notepad  that I'm going to jot down ideas and inspirations for blog posts . I have been reading  blogs for a while now , you all have inspired me in different ways so i all ready have a page full of posts . 

♥ Tonight I'm off to my weigh in at Slimming World . I wont mention it too much on this blog, as i am starting a weight loss blog to contain all the woes on there ! I'm not up and running at the moment but i will be by the end end of the week and you can find it here . 

Listening too     Far East Moment - Like a g6 
Reading  Sophie kineslla - Mini Shopaholic

 I leave you with my quote of the day   


  1. Ooh I really want to read Mini Shopoholic!
    Oh and I totally agree about the alarm being from hell.. this morning I got up a tad late as I thought my alarm was part of my dream :L

  2. @marianne You deffo need to read the book :-).and im soooo changing my alarm to one of thoose alarms that wakes u up to the radio.

  3. I've read Mini Shopaholic, loved it!! I had Monday off work, woop.

    Sadie x

  4. I love your blog, I've only just found it though, but I love this happy post :) I used to do something similar on my old blog. Great post! Ooh, I'm following you on Twitter too. xxx