Wednesday, 2 March 2011

No7 Limited Addition spring collection - Part one

I purchased 3 items from No7 Spring Collection. Lipstick - Grace £10 , Eyeliner in Black £10 and Blue £10 . I wanted to purchase the Turquoise liner and eye shadow palette, unfortunately those items had sold out. I have split this review into two parts as i went a tad picture crazy with the eyeliner!

No7 is not a brand i normally turn to for lipsticks I'm more of a Mac girl , Ive always (naively )associated this brand with more mature consumers, this association began when i was a child , No7 was my grand mothers and mothers brand of choice and i was always allowed to use her samples (gwp) lipstick for my little 6 year old make up bag ! Fast forward 20 odd years and I'm now following tradition making my first No7 purchase.

On to the lipstick .....

Lipstick - Grace -Limited Edition £10

Product rating  4/5

Firstly I'm loving the name of this lipstick , Grace. Its such a girly feminine name which really suits this lipstick, Grace is a wearable everyday colour. I normally reach for mac angel but no7 Grace is now my new 'Go To' lippy. I find this lipstick easy to apply its creamy and the warm peachy/coral colour has a stunning glossy tone. I will defiantly be repurchasing this lipstick and i advise you all to go and buy this lipstick !

.I was very tempted to give this lipstick a 5/5 rating but i had to mark it down one point on the packaging. Don't get me wrong,  i love the 1960's vintage glam patterns my gripe is with the cardboard packaging. I tend to apply my make up in my bathroom and I'm quiet sloppy and there are always lots of water splashes and we all know what happens when water meets cardboard..mush ! 

Be sure to stay tuned to my blog for part two - The eyeliners xx


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  2. Ha, I've just reviewed this lippie too :P On me, it's not a coral shade - it's a light pink :)
    I love Grace :)


  3. Can't wait to see the review on the gel liners! I love lipstick colours like this one! x